Restauration of Nordic Folkboat: ‘de Hollands Glorie’

The ‘Nordic Folkboat’ is a small S-frame sailing boat with an apstrake construction. She performs well on inside waters but also at sea. She has got a small cabin, making her suitable for day-sailing, but also for a longer stay on board.

In the beginning she was wooden built, most of the time mahogany strakes on different choices of framing wood. The last decade composite(polyester) built Folkboats became more popular, bringing down the maintenance compared to wood, also the sailing performance became better(less weight). We prefer the wooden version off corse, cause to us; that is for this type of sailingboat, the real thing.


Plaatje Volksboot IMG_0578

‘de Hollands Glorie’ was bought midsummer 2009 and cause her strakes around her starboard waterline were damaged, she was a bargain. 7 years earlier she was put a shore with water in the bilge, when it started freezing, the water expanded becoming ice, creaking her belly.

NB: ‘de Hollands Glorie’ was built in 1964 for the ‘Royal Netherlands Yacht Club’, together with ‘de Hollands Roem’ & ‘de Hollands Hoop’ for educational purposes.  The coincidence is: we are also members of that specific club.

Then after a while, we moved her from the yard in Edam to a yard in Haarlem(‘Op Zeeland’ yard), just cause of the benefit of the smaller distance from home to the project. Using her new purchased trailer, we found on the internet.

Cutting away the damaged strakes and trying not to damage her to much(good strakes). Difficult!!!



  • Name: Hollands Glorie.
  • Construction: Apstrake.
  • Wood: Mahogony on French Oak.
  • Length: 7,65 mtr.
  • Breadth: 2,00 mtr.
  • Draft: 1,20 mtr.
  • Displacement: 2,5 tons.
  • Builder: Kroes from Kampen.
  • Engine: Renault inboard diesel        (7 bhp).

Then a fresh player came on the field and 50% of the ownership changed, Welcome Marnix!

foto 3

The new mahogany strakes, before they got nailed(copper).

foto 2c

After cutting away the damaged strakes, it was time to built her up again with new mahogany strakes. While Wouter was at sea, Marnix and carpenter; Jan did fabulous job; closing her hull.

Floating; seems to be an option again!!!


foto 1
foto 5

Building-up again; the first primering-layer on her belly.

foto 2

A sister-vessel on the ‘Kroes Yard’ in Kampen during a visit for picking up the building plate.


The progression in between buying and 2011/2012 Winter.

By Wouter Levij van Vinninghe®